I like to think of Attitude as the way in which one conducts his or herself in their relationship to the world.  ”Chill” and “in Your Face” are just two examples of attitudes that we know and love. And attitude is not sold, it is more like an open book available for those who want to read it.

What fascinates us and draws us in are those with “big” attitude or what is often called “”Tude” in the modern vernacular. So let us take a look at those we cannot turn away from.


donald-trump-grow-upTude can often be vulgar and hard to watch like a car crash but who doesn’t like a good car crash? Trump owns this version of attitude propelled by cheap additives such as “huge”, “great” and “bad”. He likes to use “bad” often. I am having a “bad” time finding EVERYTHING he says promoting a “huge” shake of my head. I find him amusing at times but I would be more amused if were a “great” game show host rather than  a “bad” POTOS. It would be “huge” for our country to see an attitude adjustment on this “bad hombre”. Oh yes, I forgot that he is bilingual adding a touch of Latin flair to his Tude.


1323161637812723784There is no place where attitude is on more display than in the world of basketball. From the local pickup game with aspiring pros dunking on their adversaries to the spotlight of NBA arenas around the country, players display great personality and style as they whirl, dish, and dunk lathered in Tude. And the biggest attitude in the game today is Russell Westbrook.

“Russ” as is he is known in the tight knit NBA community is dripping in sarcasm, anger, and bravado for all 48 minutes of every contest. And he backs it up with gaudy numbers in points, assists, and rebounds. He has some ungodly number of triple doubles this year (a triple double is double digit points, rebounds, and assists in a one game) often abusing his opponents bothy physically and verbally. Like a tornado ripping through the arena, Russ finishes his baskets with precision and blinding athleticism. You may not like the Tude but this guy is a force of nature who will go down in NBA history for his style and overwhelming productivity.

russell-westbrooks-teen-choice-awards-outfit-is-a-bad-sign-for-the-future-of-nba-fashionAnd he does not check his style when he leaves the court sporting some broad brush fashion statements which only he can pull off…. maybe! I would suggest that he avoid the harsh glare of the Fashion Police; he would be locked up without parole.


ronaldo 2Soccer is one of the world’s most emotional sports filled with high-powered supertstars with big attitude and nobody does it better than Ronaldo. Often criticized for the disconnect between his image and on field production, Ronaldo is a magnet for the camera and the fans. When he scores, it is as if he has come down from heaven above to grace us with his celestial presence. Greasy, handsome, ripped and not afraid to show it, Ronaldo’s got major Tude.


ovechkin-080518-620At the top of the class, Alexander Ovechkin is hockey royalty packed into 6’4″ and 235 pounds of rumbling mass who has wrought havoc on his opponents in the NHL for 12 seasons. His toothless grin simply adds to the attitude making the unfortunates who defend him say “WTF” and step aside to live to fight another day. The shot is lighting, the physical presence is among the most intimidating the game has ever seen; he is simply plain mean and would have probably served admirably as KGB muscle had he not played hockey. He lives up to his Russian heritage creating the “Coldest War” whenever he lumbers onto the ice.  The attitude of dominance and sheer mean physicality make him a a playa in the world of Tude.


QueenThat’s right; you know her, you have seen her wave and we now know that she actually has not always been 90 years old because of the wonderful new Netflix series, “The Crown”. Her attitude is one of control and extreme power with the smallest of actions and economy of words. Big attitude with little or no effort. She is to be admired to have survived and flourished becoming the Queen of England at age 25 after the untimely death of her father. Imagine the extreme pressure to have been the young Queen with all of the power mongers influencing and trying to discredit her; she ruled England  with no formal education. God Save The Queen; nobody has attitude like her!


imagesFrom one Russian, Ovechkin to “The” Russian, Vladimir Putin. Don’t let the ice cream cone fool you; if it were you and him on a dessert island and there was only dinner for one, I would strongly suggest you start swimming! With an estimated net worth of $50B which he did not receive by running a hedge fund or taking Russia public in an IPO, this man smacks of power and a winner take all mentality. Let’s see, Trump or Putin? Who would you back assuming Putin was an American? This man has the ultimate attitude and is the original “Bad Hombre”.

And so what are the lessons learned here? The world respects attitude; it is the DNA of all of our personas. It is how we make our mark in this world or not. Don’t be cheated; get your attitude right, own and hone it, and don’t let the bastards change it.

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