Spring Musings

People, I Know, I Know, where have I gone Mrs. Robinson; this lonely nation turns there eyes to me. I have no excuses other than life, work, and inertia. All … Continue Reading →

Mexican Coach

Mid Summer Musings

As we move into the hazy, hot, and humid part of the summer, consider this: Why do the major soccer coaches of the World Cup powers have coifs crafted from the … Continue Reading →


May Musings

I love you; I hate you: I do not care about you! It just doesn’t matter and the following doesn’t matter either except if it amuses or informs. Informs may … Continue Reading →


Random Musings and Why I love “The King”

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head! Walked outside and got blasted with 32 degrees of cold on April 16, 2014; what!     Loved … Continue Reading →


Big Yoda

Baseball is back!! Lest I offend those who love our “National WasteTime”, I do not get all gooey at the thought of Opening Day. I simply cannot embrace the fact … Continue Reading →


A Pro Day To Remember

Rap music, an Ex -President of the USA, a current Governor of the great state of Texas, and a full gathering of the NFL power elite and the center of … Continue Reading →

Toilet paper

Party All The Time!

The NFL has banned dunking over the goal post after scoring a touchdown. I think they should go all the way and take the toilet paper out of the bathrooms.

Spring Practice Still

Random Visual Embarassment

I used to be cat quick but 40 years takes quick out of the equation. My most recent agility was captured on film at Columbia’s spring practice. Click on the pic to … Continue Reading →