Gregg Popovich

Popovich and Me

I got a call from Greg Popovich, the coach of the Spurs last year around this time and he told me that I was a lot like Tim Duncan and … Continue Reading →


Ryder Cup – Picking Up The Pieces

I was wrong about: Patrick Reed – His body may be soft but everything else is tight. Great focus and his background offers a clue; he had to Monday qualify … Continue Reading →

red card

Ryder Cup – Bubba May Get a Red Card

I was sojourning in England last week playing a wonderful golf course in Surrey called Queenwood. In my group was my friend Ross who hails from Ireland and is full … Continue Reading →


Italian Musings – The PGA

I am returning from Italy but the PGA has not escaped me.   Tiger – It was strange that he made this start and it was obvious from the first … Continue Reading →


The Prince Who Will Be King

The Open did not disappoint with beautiful weather and a great venue. And Phil and Tiger are on the wane but in very different ways. Tiger’s performance had all the … Continue Reading →


Make Room For American Soccer

I am roaming the waters around Majorca and Soccer is on my mind The American soccer boys have outperformed and are taking us a wild and exciting ride that foretells … Continue Reading →


Tips For The Weekend Warrior

Alright gang, you know who you are! A little bit older but certainly not wiser. As winter begins to thaw, male thoughts turn to athletic endeavors that are born of fantasy … Continue Reading →


Why We Love It So! – The Masters

Yeah; I get gooey when the Masters rolls around. Tell me why it is not the best major on the golfing calendar?? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Let me count the ways. … Continue Reading →

APTOPIX Florida St Connecticut Basketball

Let’s Hear It For the Girls!

There is another Final Four in basketball occurring this weekend. The location is Nashville and it includes Notre Dame, UConn, Maryland and Stanford.  Two of these teams have had perfect seasons … Continue Reading →


March Madness??

I am questioning the whole premise.  After all, don’t we delight in our uncanny ability to so poorly predict the outcomes of these games and I am convinced that ”madness” misses … Continue Reading →