Donald JacksonAs an infant, I was bathed in the kitchen sink; cozy? I think it was! I am not sure why but a paper ball was taped to the shelves above the sink while I was cleansed and the lore goes that I was endlessly fascinated by this paper ball, tapping it repeatedly with a proficiency which was to foretell a successful obsession in a childhood immersed in ball and stick games.

Many years later, the obsession and love of sport burn as bright as they did when I played with that paper ball as an infant. I see the stories in today’s sport, the triumphs and the tragedies, and I am compelled to tell those that move me; annoy me; or are just too weird to be true. I hope I can move you and make you think; perhaps you will nod or smile as you listen to the musings of the kid who started with the paper ball.

Just a quick overview of the site. Referring to the menu above, new postings will go under the categories Random Musings, Sporting Calendar and the Best and Worst of…  The Gallery has photos and right now it’s a Jackson Family album. If you want to contact me, you can do so on the Contact page. I promise to respond if you make any sense at all!

The site will evolve and I will keep you posted on changes. Thanks for visiting!


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