Italian Musings – The PGA

I am returning from Italy but the PGA has not escaped me.


imagesHUHBAEMLTiger – It was strange that he made this start and it was obvious from the first labored swing that he was not ready on any level. He is not going down quietly and it is ugly to watch. If he is picked for the Ryder Cup which seems almost unimaginable, it will be one of the largest miscarriages of justice ever perpetrated on the US Sports scene. Tom Watson is better than that…I think!


Bubba – Apparently, his God fearing nature is not bulletproof. His comments and behavior at the Long Drive competition and through the tournament were inexcusable. Time to pray for sanity, Bubba.

MickelsonMickelson – Is swinging beautifully, hitting fairways and making some putts. He knows how to get it done on when he is in position on Sunday.



Ricky – Wonderful ball striking but I fear for his putter. He simply does not make enough putts but he is definitely the most improved player of the young guns showing us that he has cattle in addition to his hat.

Jason Day – Appears to be back from his injury and has just a wonderful short game. He is only one year older than the boy wonder from Northern Ireland and he could win it. Annoys me with the closed eye visualization.

Kenny Puree – Looks like an aging accountant with his glasses and full rain suit. Still bombs it and obviously likes the home cooking at Valhalla.

Rory – Hard to bet against him and he is absolutely sure where his driver is going – long and straight.

It will be a good one today and it would be nice to see Fowler get it done.imagesCPMCBCP7

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