May Musings

I love you; I hate you: I do not care about you!

It just doesn’t matter and the following doesn’t matter either except if it amuses or informs. Informs may be stretching it!

1399606093000-USP-NFL-2014-NFL-Draft-026Manziel to Cleveland? Not the best place for him because of the physical and defensive minded nature of Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Ray Lewis said it best; he had better slide in the open field!!



TanakaTanaka is so for real, I am actually thinking of watching a few innings the next time he starts. Has not lost a game in a very long time!!! But there still has to be something wrong with a sport described as a “Past Time”!!





Tim-DuncanEven though Tim Duncan moves like shuffleboard is in his not too distant future, the Spurs are amazing in there long longevity! They are doing it again and I think they go to the finals!





Evgeni Malkin, Michal NeuvirthAgain, I do not watch hockey much but I will dabble during the playoffs and I watched a bit of Rangers-Penguins the other night. Forget about Crosby, Evgeny Malkin is a wizard who combines strength and finesse in a way that is rare. He toyed with the Rangers the other night and The Broadway Blues will be teeing it up early this season.



I love Gary Busey albeit in small doses and here is why! I think this dose is just about perfect!



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