Mid Summer Musings

As we move into the hazy, hot, and humid part of the summer, consider this:

Why do the major soccer coaches of the World Cup powers have coifs crafted from the 70′s?

Netherlands soccer coach  Mexican Coach





Perhaps in response to these wallflowers!

Beckham   Neymar smiling and wearing the Brazil jerseyimagesVUR2B6N3




untitledYou now have arguably the two most marketable sporting figures in America in Johnny Football and Lebron in arguably our least marketable city. This is clearly a boost for Clevelandites. I know it was Lebron’s choice but it was not Manziel’s!! Is Akron chicer than Cleveland?? And what about Columbus?? Well, I am not dying to find out!


thStill not interested in baseball although I think the no-hitter by Lincecum with greatly reduced velocity but greatly enhanced everything else is one of the great feats in baseball this season.


tiger-woods-smiles-ahead-of-british-openTiger makes his return at a Hoylake/Royal Liverpool, a venue that he dominated without a driver in 2006. And I do care; as droll and monosyllabic as he is as a personality; he is still great TV and golf is better with him in the mix. I am rooting for him this week and he loves the course although it will not allow him to hit his stinger 2 iron 300 yards.


untitledThe SEC has legislated a “strike zone for hits on a Quarterback in a “passing posture”. The zone is below the neck and above the knees. This is further evidence that the game is hazardous to one’s health and is yet another indication that the level of violence in America’s favorite gladiator sport is uncontrollable.


JeterAnd yes, I am still not interested in baseball but last night’s All-Star game was memorable for Derek Jeter’s last curtain call in the mid-summer classic.  He still looks good at 40 years young going from home to second and he has done it so well for so long. He is the last link to the Yankees glory years and this is sad for even this lapsed baseball fan.

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