The Gang That Shot Straight

IMG_3115Couldn’t quite get the entire gang in this pic but not too worry; no one is spared in this missive.

Well, it is true that this gang shot very straight but in my case the shot flew straight behind, in front, over and under the birds! But I got my money’s worth: 149 shots on one drive!! Yeah, baby!!! Even Tom was impressed with that number!!

Here are some random musings:


FullSizeRenderDid you notice that most of the loaders were bow-legged? I wondered why? Not enough milk as infants? Nonetheless, they are all very agile for their advanced ages and God saved my loader, JT, from prostate cancer. I was so happy to see him as his fate was not clear the last time we shot.



Both of our organizers for the days were named Chris. I was confused that they were not the game keepers and they must have a title but I do not know it. Anyone? Buehler?

Double Guns. This was my first attempt on this and it is the only way to go as the birds fly fast and the fun is doubled with the rapid exchange and precise coordination with the loader.  I will never shoot single again.

image6The Dogs. There is nothing more amusing and captivating then watching the dogs work. They are big time athletes who focus without adderall; this has to be the best of the dog’s life. Toby was a star!!




Dog at PubBut then again not all dogs are elite athletes and in fact, most are like this one we chanced upon at our annual pub crawl. Why is the dog fascinated with streaming media? I think I have the answer; he has nothing but free time on his hands as his owner ignores him and instead spends his entire life building ornate and absurd shit boxes! The promotional material for these loos was stunning; you cannot make this stuff up!!



FletchLittle Fletch. Fletch has transformed himself into a sleak and efficient machine albeit a bit battered by his years in the 2nd row and I am glad I could administer medicinal influence in this regard. I am sure of one thing; that one part of your body did not shrink and that is your heart. You welcome the Boys from across the Pond with a grace and élan that makes us feel at home in Downton.



Gabes GinElevenses. I am not sure of the spelling but I like the tradition, the fare, and the cups. Here we have Gabe’s Blackberry Gin which was delicious and appropriately labeled “Gabe’s Blackberry Gin”. Next year I will bring a home brew and will label it, “Don’s New Fangled and Untraditional Alcohol”. Trust me, it will be good.



John – Sorry about burning your eyebrow off with my high-powered lighter. It was unintentional and will not happen again.

image4Stephen – I am not sure about the spelling of your name but I am defaulting to the English variety. Your recount about your shooting tradition in your home town was touching and so remote from anything that we Americans would know about. You have my admiration. I would send my daughter to be a beater for your hometown shoots but she is busy ordering bottle service in Miami at the “Wall” in the W hotel.



image8Ganek – Your maiden voyage was without any injury and this is always a good thing.  I do not know how many birds you hit but you did not seem to care which is the way to go.  By the way, fox headgear does not suit you.




image3Tom again led the league in lead in the air and birds hit and we expect this because the man attends like 50 shoots a year! And always the gentlemen, you refrained from raining shot on me this year which was much appreciated!




RobinRobin – When I asked you about your first chapeau on day 1, you told me you had many and your head dresses reached a crescendo on the final day with your fox and you definitely win the best head gear of the trip.   You handled the stags with grace and good cheer and the shoot would not have been the same without you.




AndyAndy and Arthur – Giving new meaning to cross border relations, you carry this shoot off without a hitch and your guests are lucky to be the recipients of this great spectacle.




Until next time….

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