The Prince Who Will Be King

The Open did not disappoint with beautiful weather and a great venue. And Phil and Tiger are on the wane but in very different ways.

imagesHUHBAEMLTiger’s performance had all the appeal of chewing tin foil and raking one’s fingernails on a blackboard. Granted we have to give him a pass for the inevitable rust at this year’s Open but he is delusional in his expectations and it would have been refreshing if he had taken his horrific performance with just a bit of grace. The cursing, the club swinging are all so tedious and are further evidence that this man greatly lacks what we want from a sporting figure. I came into this tournament rooting for him but instead his ugly behavior made that notion impossible. He seems to take every opportunity for fan support and turn it against himself because he is just so mono-dimensional and undeveloped as a human being. Unsophisticated and trapped in the persona he was, he acts like a child who has lost his fire truck. It is hard to understand how he will endear himself to anyone other than his hard core fans who want to revel in his past greatness and say that the game needs Tiger.


FurykJim Furyk amazes me with his shameless advertisement for “5 Hour Energy” and his relentless great play. His dead aim eyeball is one of my favorite things about him. His is a consummate professional who gets it. At age 44, he remains relevant in the majors and gives hope to those who skills are diminishing getting it done through a methodical and meticulous approach to his profession. He is simply a great pro.


imagesCPMCBCP7Ricky Fowler has some deficiencies; the primary one being his moustache but he has done lots of hard work with Butch Harmon and is showing signs that the marketing nonsense is not the whole story. He has the guts to compete when the heat is on as demonstrated by his fine performance at the recent majors. I predict that he will win many more times and a major will be among them. His final round pairing with Rory was refreshing in many ways; changing of the guard anyone??


53cc11f086e12_seeThe press is all over the maturation of Sergio. Not me. This is the same guy who made racist comments about Woods and who wobbled just enough down the stretch yesterday to show that the yoke of being “majorless” remains firmly in place. The wobble was the wedge on the par 3 on the back and then leaving the subsequent bunker shot in. I miss Seve.


MickelsonPhil the Thrill. Phil did not thrill this weekend and I am not sure if the perpetual smile is real but I know that the kid’s who experience it while receiving a glove or ball from Phil have a great memory for life. And Phil is always entertaining playing the game like a showman and don’t we love this? He has also being highly creative in handling the inevitable erosion of his skills as he demonstrated in last year’s win at Muirfield. His downward trajectory will have more fun and frolic than Eldrick’s.


article-2699141-1FD2ED1C00000578-82_634x609Rory. Like the little girl with the curl, when he is bad, he is very bad and when he is good, the rest of the field is not really relevant. The clothes are a bit questionable but there are really no other questions. The athleticism of his golf swing is undoubtedly one of the best moves in all of sport. Bounding around Hoylake like a lab on the beach at Pebble, his joie for the game is back after a few hiccups with Wozniacki, his equipment, his growing pains, and his changing entourage. This has been a lot for a young man but we golf fans are the happy recipients of the player who has come out the other side. His majestic approaches leading to eagles at 16 and 18 on Saturday will take their rightful place in the lore of golf’s greatest. This was power and talent beaming in the brightest light. Guess who golf needs? it is Rory and not Tiger.


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