He’s Only Human

It has been a long journey for the man who was king: Eldrick Woods. Like Madonna and Cher, he is endowed with the solo moniker reserved for the most iconic … Continue Reading →


I like to think of Attitude as the way in which one conducts his or herself in their relationship to the world. ¬†”Chill” and “in Your Face” are just two … Continue Reading →

Gregg Popovich

Popovich and Me

I got a call from Greg Popovich, the coach of the Spurs last year around this time and he told me that I was a lot like Tim Duncan and … Continue Reading →


Spring Musings

People, I Know, I Know, where have I gone Mrs. Robinson; this lonely nation turns there eyes to me. I have no excuses other than life, work, and inertia. All … Continue Reading →


The Gang That Shot Straight

Couldn’t quite get the entire gang in this pic but not too worry; no one is spared in this missive. Well, it is true that this gang shot very straight … Continue Reading →


Ryder Cup – Picking Up The Pieces

I was wrong about: Patrick Reed – His body may be soft but everything else is tight. Great focus and his background offers a clue; he had to Monday qualify … Continue Reading →

red card

Ryder Cup – Bubba May Get a Red Card

I was sojourning in England last week playing a wonderful golf course in Surrey called Queenwood. In my group was my friend Ross who hails from Ireland and is full … Continue Reading →


Italian Musings – The PGA

I am returning from Italy but the PGA has not escaped me.   Tiger – It was strange that he made this start and it was obvious from the first … Continue Reading →


The Prince Who Will Be King

The Open did not disappoint with beautiful weather and a great venue. And Phil and Tiger are on the wane but in very different ways. Tiger’s performance had all the … Continue Reading →

Mexican Coach

Mid Summer Musings

As we move into the hazy, hot, and humid part of the summer, consider this: Why do the major soccer coaches of the World Cup powers have¬†coifs crafted from the … Continue Reading →